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The Story Behind the Kloud Hotel Name

The Kloud hotel name originates from the Tang Dynasty's Kaiyuan era, around 740 AD, when the famous Chinese poet Li Bai composed a poem titled 'Sending a Friend Away"
"Green hills stretch beyond the northern city walls,White waters curve around the eastern town.
This place, for now, we bid farewell,A lonely wanderer embarking on a boundless journey.Drifting clouds mirror the wanderer's heart,
The setting sun reflects the sentiments of old friends.With a wave, I depart from here,
The sound of hooves fading in the distance."
This poem conveys the bittersweet feelings of Li Bai bidding farewell to a friend and the emotions associated with parting. It also reflects the enduring friendship between the hotel and its guests. In a particular passage of the poem "Drifting clouds mirror the wanderer's heart,The setting sun reflects the sentiments of old friends",the wandering traveler is likened to drifting clouds in the sky.The "inn" is where the "wandering traveler" finds respite, hence we named it "Kloud Hotel"
The philosophy of self-realization and enjoying life, embodied in the Floating Cloud philosophy, aspires to create an all-encompassing haven for travelers, in the carefree and liberating spirit described by the Poet Immortal. In the midst of technology and nature, we aim to rekindle the warmth of home for our guests.
Li Bai's poem "Sending a Friend Away," rendered in cursive script by the calligrapher Zhang Jingshun

About me

Kloud Hotel's Operating Philosophy

We aspire to create an eco-friendly, technologically innovative, culturally enriched, and hospitable haven for our esteemed guests. Our commitment aligns with the operations of a four-star hotel, catering to discerning travelers seeking style, affordability, and exceptional value. Whether you are a solo traveler, a group of friends, couples, families, or business travelers, we aim to provide a pragmatic and convenient smart hotel experience.
We also dedicate efforts to mitigate climate change. As Chairman Lin Zhiming, a nature enthusiast and mountaineer, is deeply committed to the concept of eco-friendly lodgings. This includes initiatives such as water conservation, reducing excessive resource consumption, safeguarding ecosystems and habitats, enhancing indoor air quality, improving staff health, comfort, and productivity, and reducing operational and living space costs, all with the goal of serving the public.
In addition, the hotel lobby is equipped with four intelligent self-service kiosks where guests can check in and check out on their own, reducing waiting time and ensuring a warm and humanized service. We have set up guest service contact phone numbers in each ATM, so that guests can also quickly contact our guest service staff if they have any questions. We have established a perfect service center to carefully serve each and every one of our guests.

About me
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